The Story

Our story begins on the West Coast. California to be exact. 
Two best friends, fresh out of college, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we decided that the next logical step — getting a safe and normal 9 to 5 — just wasn’t for us (sorry mom and pops). 
So we dropped everything and traveled the world. To create something that could represent this grand adventure we call life. One that defined the inspiration we get whenever we set out to begin new journeys.
For us, it's to share the belief that the next chapter of your story can take place anywhere you are.
-Danny Tran & Auden Wu

WARLD stands for storytelling and endless opportunities.

We are passionate, adventure-seeking individuals that love to pursue inspired lives. Lives that fall outside of the norm. We stand for the ones who want to push forward to be and do more while creating unforgettable moments. 

What we believe in.

Our mission is to start a movement and to foster a global community centered on creating life stories that are worth telling.